Transforming the Regional Economy through Below Deck Down Under  

The Superyacht People embarked on a fun and complex journey by bringing the globally renowned TV show "Below Deck" to Australia.

The company’s persistent efforts, beginning in 2017, to collaborate with the show’s producers, host location scouts, ultimately concluding in filming two seasons of a new franchise Below Deck Down Under. The initiative not only generated substantial economic benefits for the struggling regional economy during and after the COVID-19 pandemic but also showcased Australia’s natural beauty and superyacht industry.


Recognizing the potential of Below Deck as a platform to promote luxury tourism and elevate Australia’s superyacht industry, The Superyacht People initiated discussions with the show’s producers in 2017. Extensive location scouting took place across Australia, with a particular emphasis on identifying stunning coastal areas that would captivate viewers, and locations that supported the on water logistical requirements. Ultimately, the Whitsundays was chosen as the backdrop for Season 1 in 2021, followed by Cairns for Season 2 in 2022.

Bringing Below Deck to Australia presented several challenges, which The Superyacht People adeptly navigated:

Strategies and Implementation

The Superyacht People employed a strategic approach to overcome the challenges and ensure the success of Below Deck Australia:

a) Partnership Development: Collaborating with local businesses, suppliers, and tourism agencies to establish a robust network of support, ensuring the availability of necessary resources and promoting local tourism.

b) Location Selection: Conducting location scouting across Australia to identify settings that would appeal to viewers and contribute to local tourism. Consideration was given to choosing a location within a maximum 1-hour transfer or 20-25 nautical miles to minimize downtime during crew transfers.

c) Production Logistics: Coordinating and managing the complex logistics involved in chartering superyachts, support vessels, water taxis, marinas, fuelling, and sourcing shore-based provisions, accommodations, and meals for the cast, crew, and production team.

d) Production Schedule: Following a meticulous 8-week production schedule consisting of 9 back-to-back charters, each lasting 3-4 days, with unique preference sheets for each charter. This required seamless coordination between the superyacht, suppliers, yacht crew, support vessel, and production crew.

e) Crew Support: Ensuring the support vessel followed the superyacht to cater to the needs of the cast, crew, and production team, preparing over 200 meals per day in addition to the food for the superyacht’s guests and crew.

f) Water Taxi Transfers: Coordinating transfers for the production crew via water taxis, considering potential downtime and the need for efficient and reliable transportation.

g) Catering Services: Arranging for the support vessel to prepare over 200 meals per day to cater to the production crew in addition to the superyacht’s guests and crew, ensuring quality and timely food service.

h) Proximity Considerations: Selecting locations within a maximum 1-hour transfer or 20-25 nautical miles to minimize downtime during crew transfers, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

i) Health and Safety Measures: Implementing stringent COVID-19 protocols to safeguard the health and well-being of the cast, crew, and local communities involved in the production.

Results and Impact

The Superyacht People’s meticulous planning and execution of Below Deck Australia resulted in significant results and impacts:

a) Economic Revival: The production of two seasons injected tens of millions of dollars into the struggling regional economy, creating employment opportunities and supporting local businesses involved in the production and hospitality sectors.

b) Tourism Promotion: The visually stunning locations showcased in the show, including the Whitsundays and Cairns, attracted domestic and international tourists, revitalizing the local tourism industry and highlighting Australia’s natural beauty.

c) Employment Opportunities: The production provided employment for approximately 70 production crew members, working 24/7, thereby contributing to the local workforce and supporting economic recovery.

d) Efficient Operations: The strategic coordination of logistics, including superyacht, support vessel, and water taxi transfers, ensured smooth production operations with minimal downtime and enhanced productivity.


The Superyacht People’s dedication and meticulous planning in bringing Below Deck Australia to life have demonstrated the transformative potential of the entertainment industry in revitalizing struggling regional economies. By leveraging the popularity of the show, the company injected substantial funds into the region, supported employment, and showcased Australia’s picturesque landscapes. The Superyacht People’s successful execution of Below Deck Australia serves as an inspiring case study, highlighting the power of strategic partnerships, efficient logistics coordination, and innovation in contributing to economic recovery and sustainable tourism growth.