About Us

We’re a close-knit team of superyacht experts who get our kicks out of seeing more people enjoying time on the water.

The Superyacht People are the brainchild of Cameron Bray, an experienced and accomplished name in the Australian Superyacht industry. Our outfit is intended to cater to the Australian yachting market as it matures and evolves into an  experience driven future of luxurious one-day charters to week long private experiences and more.

We’re a close-knit team of superyacht specialists who get a real kick out of seeing people enjoy their time out on the water. When it comes to celebrating a special moment in a unique location, we’ll deliver exactly what you need.

The Superyacht People believe in hassle-free, polished experiences that create unique memories to last a lifetime. Utilising a wealth of knowledge that can only be garnered from years of hands-on experience in prestigious ports around the globe, The Superyacht People cater to corporate or private celebrations with unparallel attention to detail.

Having worked extensively within the industry as  captain and crew, yacht brokers, charter agents and yacht managers, our passion has taken us all around the world and brought us right back to Australian shores. With an emphasis on fun, our aim is to create and share amazing and memorable yachting experiences with you.

Our Team of Superyacht Experts

Cameron Bray

Founder and Director

A Gold Coast native, Cameron worked extensively in the superyacht industry overseas before returning home to turn his skills to the Australian market. Cameron’s strength in the Australian superyacht industry stems from his previous roles as a superyacht captain, yacht broker, charter agent and yacht manager.

In 2023 Cameron was awarded the Australian Marine Industry Champion, in regognition of his innovative controbutions to the growth of the Australian superyacht industry.

His industry knowledge, combined with a Business Management degree mean yachts and charters in his care are managed impeccably, and always with an eye on the end user experience. His passion for the industry and experience focus are the driving forces behind The Superyacht People’s success.

Cameron has been the Chairman of Superyacht Queensland since 2016 and an elected committee member of Superyacht Australia committee since 2015, aiding in the growth and betterment of the Australian superyacht industry.

When Cameron steps away from the helm, you’ll find him spending time with his family, cycling, enjoying long lunches and exploring his passion for cooking.

Nick Smith

Technical Director

Hailing from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Nick migrated to The Tropical North in his early twenties to become a Diving Instructor and ultimately a Captain on the Great Barrier Reef where he spent the next ten years running dive schools and expeditions to The Coral Sea and beyond.

The love of diving and adventure initially led Nick towards Expedition Yachts which took him to some of the most remote and spectacular parts of the globe, including the Arctic, South Pacific, Asia, Galapagos, The Red Sea and everything in between. From Pirates to Polar Bears, Nick certainly has some good stories to tell, some of them true…

In recent years, Nick has built a reputation as an exceptional Charter Captain, running some of the busiest charter yachts in the world. His passion for the history, languages and culture of the Mediterranean countries had him exploring the streets of every seaside town and village from Gibraltar to Antalya when he wasn’t at the helm.

With an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the Australian Coastline and a love for sharing his experience there is no one better suited to help you plan your next trip.

With an occasional onboard “cameo” as Captain and the urge to travel never far from his mind, Nick is never far from the airport or the Sea.

However, these days you can find Nick on Australia’s Sunshine Coast enjoying time with his young family, indulging his passion for playing guitar and being terrible at golf.