Our top five reasons to charter a superyacht

Signature Media came to us recently for our advice on the best break. Our advice? Get onboard an Australian charter superyacht vacation.

1. Less cost; varied experience

If you’ve ever owned a yacht, thought about owning a yacht or spent time on one, one of the first things you would have picked up on is how much they cost to run. Capital outlay, maintenance, crew wages, insurance, fuel, toys, refit and repair are all day-to-day realities of yacht ownership. Take that annual cost of yacht ownership and put it into chartering a yacht, and you’re still ahead – while your stress levels stay low.

This is your opportunity to experience the life of a superyacht owner, without the ongoing concerns of yacht ownership. It’s also a great way to change where you holiday and on which yacht. Experience the old-world elegance of sailing followed by an ultra-luxe thrill on board a motoryacht; there are no boundaries here.

2. It is the most exclusive service you will ever receive

It is not uncommon to find superyachts with an excess of 40 crew servicing a guest list of only 12. While visions of being smothered by crew everywhere you turn may overwhelm, it is quite the opposite. The crew are there but seen only when needed. Each crewmember has a highly specialised role within the yacht. For example, well before you rise in the morning for breakfast or a stroll along a deserted beach, the crew have been busy at work. The chef will be baking croissants, while the deckhands chamois the rails to remove any trace of finger prints, cleaning down the tender and refuelling ready for the day’s activities. The stewardesses are laying the table ready for breakfast, and the captain and officers are plotting out your day’s voyage and itinerary.

The crew are highly trained and very experienced; with a knack for knowing what it is you want, almost before you do. Fancy a relaxing dip in the ocean followed by a secluded picnic on the beach, or a day of activity and adventure with jet skis and water sports? The crew has thought of it and the equipment is ready to go. Sunset cocktails, a themed party, or simply winding down with a movie and popcorn, it’s all there.

“Your gin and tonic, sir.”

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