Southern Cloud is back on the market and available for superyacht charter

In much-anticipated news, Southern Cloud, a majestic yacht with an exceptional history, is once again available to the public. After spending several years in dedicated private service, regal Southern Cloud is once more available for superyacht charter.


With a new crew and with fresh, independent management, this unique vessel has already put the industry on notice. The 130’ triple-masted yacht, built in Denmark, is Australia’s largest privately-owned sailing yacht and her reemergence on the charter scene has been eagerly anticipated.

Her story is as romantic as her elegant lines. Stripped to her bones, she was painstakingly modernised and filled with every comfort to meet modern cruising needs. Starting life as Butterfly McQueen, she was designed as an adventurer’s yacht, with one-touch controls at the helm for the solo sailor seeking complete independence. But her owner neglected her, leaving her bereft on the Australian coast.

Recognising her pedigree, one of her current owners rescued the yacht from where she lay forsaken on a stretch of Gold Coast mud and set about the labour of love, restoring her to glory. That was over six years ago, and since that fateful day, she’s been thoroughly modernised and polished back to reveal the graceful lines of a yacht designed to shine. Renamed Southern Cloud, she’s due for a final refit next year which will complete her quality restoration and see her ready to forge out on adventures globally, as she was designed to do.

With the size and grandeur of a motoryacht, and the elegance and finesse of a classic sailing beauty, Southern Cloud is now offering the public the opportunity to experience something truly unique in Australian waters. She has maintained DNV 1A1 class throughout her working life, and is based in Sydney, though available to charter around the coast.

Currently nearing the end of a successful Whitsundays owner excursion, Southern Cloud will return to her berth in Sydney, late October, ready for the charter season. Managed independently by Bray Management, Southern Cloud’s owners took on the company to ensure this majestic yacht was managed professionally.

They’re reaping the benefits of experienced, capable management, including better cost rationalisation, safety procedures, booking management and of course, refit and repair work, which has meant the yacht is ready to sail, and in top condition, while protecting her inherent value.